Start just changed: 3 a.m. on the boat, 3:30 off.

The tracker of our boat is No 3, Anastasia, where you can follow our route on Friday, start 4:30 a.m. Dover time (5:30 continental)

Right now I am fighting a slight fever from a very cold caravan night with Aspirin, ginger tea, Vit. C and rest. Hoping to get fit again in time. Prayers welcome!

We decided the van for the biking will only leave Heidelberg IF and When I have touched French ground.

My mantras:

“Do the best you can, cheerfully, accept the worst calmly ….” (by Sri Chinmoy)
“Be courageous, be determined, be self-giving – the goal will be yours!” (inofficial quote by Sri Chinmoy)