“Ocean Monk” is a great movie for any lover of the ocean. If you like it, please vote for it by Nov. 10th:

Ocean Monk

Ocean Monk

Surfing in New York, in winter….

Like Channel swimmers, these “modern monks” get deep joy and inner satisfaction from seeking out unusual challenges – combined with a spiritual way of life.

There are quite a few interesting statements in the movie also for Channel swimmers – about the inner aspects of surfing, like conquering fear, silencing the mind… – and a great combination of contrasts: spirituality and humour, winter and surfing, New York City hustle and bustle and the vastness of nature and more. Great shots, great interview, beautiful poems and music…

(“Ocean Monk” did win the 1st place for best documentary at the St. Louis International Film Festival 2010 – congratulations! More on: www.oceanmonk.com)